Hey Sprint, Where's Your Customer Service?

Sprint (formerly known as Sprint Nextel) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including text messages and voice mail, to individuals and businesses. If the deal closes, T-Mobile will get a company that is poorly managed and is known for poor service. Unfortunately, 2.5GHz (Band 41) is not supported by weBoost boosters at this time, while the other two bands and the rest of Sprint's 3G & 4G LTE are supported.

Customers already view wireless telecom as a utility; this would just be a race to the bottom that could only be be won” by the carrier with the lowest costs. Almitra and Robert Buzan found out that a technician at the Sprint store had accidentally assigned Almitra's number to another customer.

The "new" T-Mobile won't go very far if all the customers leave. An inbound customer call center for digital phone customers. There was a number of times when my VM service was screwed-up by T-Mobile saved messages lost and password reset - just like that out of the blue, no warnings.

This was, without a doubt, Sprint's finest customer service moment, which makes my subsequent problems with them—and the reports of forced cancellations for any reason other than verbal abuse—all the more dissapointing. This spectrum will have to be repurposed without service interruption to current customers which will be an expensive and slow affair.

Luckily,” Sprint has a nice upgrade policy where you can get a $150 instant rebate on a new phone if you've had your current phone for two years and you re-up your service contract. I work on a team which champion's customer causes in an attempt to rectify Customer Service and Network Issues.

That means a lot of people are directly affected and because AT&T and Verizon will react to the news, everyone will see something new from their carrier. After 4 minutes of silence, Jackie returned to confirm that Sprint still had an Amazon Prime promotion, but it was only available to new customers or existing users upgrading their phone (it's available to everyone).

So I called sprint and had them put the phone on line that I already was using the agent apologized for the mistake. Now I'm stuck with a obsolete phone, a hefty termination fee and sorry customer service. I have been a customer since 2001 and I have given so much money to sprint and the service is no that good.

When things go well, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile enjoy a positive relationship with their customers. Take incoming calls for customers assisted with customer phone services. WARREN, OHIO - Have spent 3 hours over 2 days working online with 3 different customer support agents and still not able to access my online sprint account.

Many of you called out T-Mobile for advertising prices on plans and devices that they refuse to honor when it comes time to buy, aggressively marketing itself in areas where they have no coverage (thus encouraging people to sign up and pay for phones they can't use), and forcing people out of grandfathered contracts and raising plan prices as a result.

Federal regulators blocked a merger deal between T-Mobile and Sprint back in 2014, and it enabled T-Mobile to start an aggressive price war, with a host of enticing new deals and packages for consumers — such as an unlimited voice, text, and data plan.

And in 2014, it warned they Sprint wouldn't accept a T-Mobile-Sprint combination at the time. We had been loyal customers of Sprint for at least 10 years but my phone eventually stopped working and could not find replacement batteries or accessories for it so we cancelled last Nov.

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